The Unit for National and International Collaborations and Networking

Provides support in advancing learning processes, in forming collaborations, and in sharing knowledge on both National and International scales.

Our work is based on the perception that the basis for success and advancement of institutions and organizations, in every walk of life, is sharing: sharing knowledge in order to create further knowledge; sharing between various entities; sharing between cultures and social structures to advance human relations and social accomplishments, and more.

In accordance with MOFET’s vision and goals, we focus on the field of education with an emphasis on Teacher Education. Our main purpose is to form collaborative networks – both national and international – in order to create innovative knowledge, tools and methodologies suitable to the 21st century and centuries to come.

Some of our current work deals with:

If you are involved and Teacher Education and Education in general, we invite to contact us in!

Together we can explore new and joint ventures, expand and improve programs that are in the making or already in operation, and jointly apply to organizations that can help finance ideas that can strongly impact education worldwide,