Simulation in Teacher Education

The National Program for Simulation Centers in Teacher Education 

The National Program’s R&D Center was established by The MOFET Institute in 2017.  The center focuses on:

    • Supporting simulation centers in teacher education academic institutions, by providing methodological, technological and academic guidance.
    • Promoting research and disseminating practical and academic knowledge on the use of simulation in teacher education
    • Conducting training workshops for different stakeholders in the simulation centers
    • Leading the research forum on simulation-based learning in teacher education
    • Leading the forum of simulation centers’ directors.
    • Establishing an international professional learning community of scholars and educators on the use of simulation in education

Simulation workshops facilitate group encounters between teachers and educators, in order to practice interpersonal communication skills in conflict situations that occur in the educational field; to discuss these experiences in a safe environment; and to promote coefficient reflection on the learning process.

The simulation workshops. that present real-life scenarios based upon the situations with which the participants face in their profession. are held in Hebrew and Arabic.

Our Goals

  • To develop educators’ interpersonal, social-emotional and conflict management skills
  • To implement reflective feedback as a learning tool in education
  • To develop emotional, social and academic skills
  • To improve educators’ professional, personal and interpersonal skills
  • To support teaching and learning processes

Scalability and Future Aims

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