Welcome to MOFET

the National Institute for Research and Development in Education.

We are a globally unique institution operating to influence multi-level education systems and to advance system-wide changes. 

MOFET is a central multicultural hub connecting institutions and agencies across the education field, including academic institutions for teacher education and for educational research, local and national governmental entities led by the Ministry of Education, and social/NGO organizations.

Our purpose is to spearhead effective educational change processes that can bring about crucial improvements in the teaching profession and in teacher education.

The Institute seeks to identify 21st-century educational challenges and to design long-term strategic solutions based on research evidence and innovative developments.

MOFET’s operative strategy focuses on three networks that inter-collaborate in the areas of research, development, application, and professional learning.

I invite you to take part in this broad scope of activity, and to become acquainted with the processes of development, applied research, and professional learning that are constantly strengthening and expanding the extent of MOFET’s influence on the field of education.

Prof. Chen Schechter
Head, The MOFET Institute