An Academic Information Center

MOFET’s Academic Information Center provides unique information services in teacher education, teaching, education, and related issues.

Our man goals are:

  • To select and provide professional information for teacher educators and education professionals;
  • To support academic research;
  • To disseminate knowledge.

The knowledge collected, created and disseminated by the Information Center covers a variety of topics concerning education, among them: Teaching and Learning; Teachers; Higher Education; Teacher Educators; Professional Development of Teachers and Teacher Educators; and Educational Policy.

The center comprises three principal units:

Our staff will be happy to answer any question you may have

For our colleagues worldwide…

The information is offered in both Hebrew and English.
Literature reviews can be translated or produced in English and can be extended to countries of your choice.
For these purposes or any other quest, you are invited to contact us by:
Tel.: +972-3-690-1443, Fax: +972-3-698-8611, or Email: