EU Projects

The MOFET Institute attributes strategic importance to its participation in European projects, and has taken certain decisions and actions to this end. Given the multidisciplinary character of its staff and its unique position –both in Israel and worldwide– supporting teacher educators’ professional development, MOFET is naturally suited for participation in, and in some cases, for the coordination of collaborative research, development, and implementation projects of the kind sponsored by the major R&D project funding programs in Europe. In particular, these include Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+, new editions of which were launched in 2014. ​​

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Dr. Reuma De-Groot  – Head of unit
Dr. Raul Drachman
Ms Shadia Sbait


Support Unit (IPSU)

A dedicated unit was established in the framework of MOFET’s Research Department to promote the Institute’s participation in European projects. This includes the search for projects and opportunities for collaboration, the preparation of proposals, and the eventual management of funded projects.

This unit offers a great deal of relevant expertise based on the experience and proven knowledge of its members. It will support the work of the Institute’s staff as well as that of other partner institutions joining MOFET in common actions for (or approaching MOFET for assistance in) seeking appropriate calls for proposals, crystallizing the project’s ideas, preparing the content and administrative information for the proposals, building the consortium (these projects are always international, collaborative, and multidisciplinary), and, in general, accompany and support the work undertaken in preparation for the submission of the proposal and beyond.

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We invite you to contact us with any ideas you may have for a new project that involves your institution. Together we can promote it, allocate partners for the consortium and with jointly apply.