Literature reviews 2017

Authors: Daniel Sperling, Shunit Reiter and Liat Josefsberg Ben-Yehoshua

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The review discusses the status of aging people with intellectual and developmental disability, examines their health-related, emotional, social and cognitive characteristics and looks for the ways to assess, measure, diagnose and discuss the needs of this group of people. Its purpose it to establish an evidence-based infrastructure to examine various treatment and care aimed at this group of people, thereby meeting their needs and special characteristics. The theoretical standpoint of this review combines the humanistic and the social approaches to disability in locating, assessing, and caring for this group of people.

The review includes research and practical knowledge from Israel and other countries, specifically the US, England, Australia and Ireland. Examination of the different social services aimed at this population, the relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies as well as the establishment of social policy addressing the needs and care for these peoples may serve policy makers in constituting and applying policy adequate to their special needs. A policy which will take into consideration the various aspects discussed in this review will correspond to principles of humanism and democracy and promote the wellbeing of aging people with intellectual disabilities in effective and continuing ways.