The MOFET Institute offers, free of charge, various and unique online academic portals on teacher training and teaching, for the use of all researchers and educators around the world. Subscribe to the Portals’ monthly newsletters and join our growing global professional community!

Active Years: 2008 – 2022

The International Portal of Teacher Education

This free and one of a kind online collection contains thousands of abstracts and reviews of the latest papers and research studies on teacher education and teacher training, all collected, since 2007, from over 40 of the world’s leading academic journals in the field.
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The International Portal of Teacher Education (Arabic)

The ultimate resource of Arabic-language abstracts of papers, research studies, book reviews, and conferences on teacher education and teaching, all of which relate to the educational needs and research trends in Arab countries and Arabic-speaking educators.

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Active Years: 2011 – 2021

The International Portal of Teacher Education (Spanish)

A wide range of contributions related to teacher education and educational trends implemented mainly in Spanish speaking countries and Latino communities, mostly published in refereed journals in Spanish: research papers, essays, lectures, reports, book reviews and conferences.

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Active Years: 2008 – 2021

The Jewish Portal of Teacher Education

Thousands of items on Jewish Education, collected from relevant journals and websites of leading Jewish organizations. The Portal reviews publications on Jewish pedagogy and instruction, online educational resources, conferences and events, with a dedicated section for Spanish speaking communities

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