The ‘ALUMOT’ Program: Leadership in the Academia

This program was devised and designed to respond to three major problems in the teacher education system:


There is a lack of skilled candidates for senior positions in academic management. Academic management requires academic seniority, but the latter may be acquired without any managerial skills.


Organizations in the academic field of education tend to operate in silos-each college and organization on its own. This limits the efficiency of improvement processes, and eventually, widens the gap between the center and the periphery in Israel.


The world of education is changing at an accelerated pace, and teacher education is having difficulty keeping up with it. The relevance of academe to the field cannot be underestimated.

The Vision

Developing a cadre of educational leadership in the world of teacher education, a cadre whose members aspire and are able to fulfill senior management roles, act in partnership, and create collaborations between academics, and between them and the field, in order to advance teacher education in a changing world.

Main Objectives