The Unit for Courses and Training

“Bringing Change and Improvement into the Education System

Must Begin within Ourselves” 


MOFET’s Unit for Courses and Training was established in order to give all stakeholders – educators and teachers, academic and administrative staff, educational-social policy makers – the opportunity to learn and to acquire additional skills in a variety of subjects.

The contents of the unit’s activities have been examined and adapted so as to offer a spectrum of updated new programs and skills that are necessary for integration and leadership in the world of education and instruction in particular, and in social change in general.

The unit also offers workshops, courses and study days tailor-made for organizations and companies interested in training and developing teams via the Institute’s unique contents.

We invite you to join us and hope you all find your own way to learn, develop and influence.

If you wish to learn more about our activities or to order a tailormade program for your work, please contact us at